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You Want Me to Do What?

You Want Me to Do What?

3 treatments to help you look 10 years younger

Looking for a treatment that will help you look less angry, more youthful and less tired?

Sharper Business Spotlight

When Dr. Jaime Harper and Dr. Stanley Harper were trying to determine the best Indianapolis location in which to open Sharper Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 

Accurate Scale Measurements

Accurate Scale Measurements

A Note To My Patients Concerning Bia-Alcl..

A Note to My Patients Concerning BIA-ALCL..

A Tummy Tuck from a Patient’s Perspective

The birth of my son was one of the most incredible moments of my life, but also one of the scariest. 

Avoiding Fall Weight Gain

I am a Midwest girl who loves the fall. I mean come on chunky sweaters, leggings, and boots! 


Hello, wonderful readers! Today, let’s delve into the world of Botox – a topic that’s causing quite a stir in the realm of aesthetics

Chill Out and Breathe Easy: Why You Should Check Out SHarper Salt Lounge!

Chill Out and Breathe Easy: Why You Should Check Out SHarper Salt Lounge!

Drinking This Much Coffee a Day Could Help Burn Fat

Hint: It has to do with the caffeine.

‘Will I Be Able To Move My Face?’ And Other Faq Filler Questions

As a plastic surgery practice, we feel it is important to offer the most up to date and aesthetically pleasing fillers. 

Fishers District Welcomes Sharper Surgery

Fishers District Welcomes SHarper Surgery | Spa | Salt Lounge

Get beach-ready with fat freeze

Read Dr. Stanley Harpers article about getting beach ready in the Hendricks County Icon!

How to make my lashes POP!

Mascara is often the first makeup we try. It seems that even from a young age, the allure of longer, fuller lashes is there. Right around 2012, Latisse was introduced....

How Eating Clean Can Positively Impact Your Skin

How Eating Clean Can Positively Impact Your Skin

How To Lose Body Fat: The Science-Backed Ways That Actually Work

Losing body fat is a subject of interest to many. What works and what doesn’t? What are the short-term and long-term health benefits?

How to Lose Weight If You Can't Stop Eating

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: “I want to lose weight, but I can’t stop eating.” If your hand is up, no judgment here — because you’re definitely not alone.

Ice, Ice Baby – Coolsculpting to Freeze Fat

Genetics can be ruthless. While they often lead to beautiful blue eyes or gorgeous auburn hair, they may also contribute to a likelihood to carry weight in certain areas. Despite diet and exercise, these fat deposits can sometimes be resistant. Enter – CoolSculpting.

Ins and outs of breast augmentation

Read Dr. Stanley Harpers article about the ins and outs of breast augmentation in the hendricks county icon!

Introducing Sharper Day Spa: Where Youthful Beauty Meets Relaxation

A few years ago, during a leisurely walk with my friends, one of them lamented the challenges of aging. She felt that the days of relaxing facials were behind her, replaced by the need for Botox, fillers, and microneedling.

Make the Holidays About What Matters Most

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were meant to be one day each, not a continuous season that starts in the middle of October and goes through New Year’s Day.

Needle your way to glowing skin

Needle your way to glowing skin

Morpheus8: The Secret to Timeless Skin

Hello, everyone, let’s discuss something I genuinely cherish – Morpheus8!

My Effortless 4-Step Skincare Routine: Doctor-Approved

My effortless 4-step skincare routine: doctor-approved.

Navigating the Aesthetics Journey: Expert Insights from a Busy Mom and Aesthetics Physician

Navigating the Aesthetics Journey: Expert Insights from a Busy Mom and Aesthetics Physician

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon opens shop

AVON — Sharper Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery held a grand opening event Friday at its new offices at 10090 E. U.S. 36, Ste. D, Avon.

Post baby bulge – how can I get my stomach back?

Post baby bulge – how can I get my stomach back?

SHarper Plastic Surgery, One of the First in Indiana to Offer Daxxify, New Botox Alternative Treatment

SHarper Plastic Surgery, an Indiana-based medical spa, prides itself on being one of first in the area to offer Daxxify, a new botox alternative which received FDA-approval in 2022.

SHarper Ranked Among the Top 28 Laser Hair Removal Services scored 201 laser hair removal services in Indianapolis, IN. SHarper was ranked among the top 28. See the pick list!

Sharper Surgery, Spa & Salt Lounge Helps Patients Look & Feel Their Best

The pandemic has offered us ample time for self-reflection, and many of our “normal” behaviors have changed. We now routinely wear masks, social distance, and spend countless hours staring at our faces on computer screens.

Should you jump on the Mediterranean diet bandwagon?

Should you jump on the Mediterranean diet bandwagon?

Skin Discoloration

Skin Discoloration

Start Your Weight Loss Journey

It’s finally summer in the Midwest, and I am sitting on the back porch marveling at how free my two-year-old is in his body. 

There Are Two Types of Body Fat — Here’s How to Deal With Both

In an interview with SPOTLYTE.COM By ALLERGAN, Dr. Stanley Harper discusses two distinct types of body fat and how to deal with them.

Weekly Diet

When I meet with my medical weight-loss patients, I hear the same thing over and over: “There is so much conflicting data in the press in regards to diet, I don’t know what to do so I just don’t do anything.”

What is Hyaluronic Acid? It is everywhere these days.

Good day! Let’s dive into some science today. We are going to talk about something super cool and important in the world of aesthetics: Hyaluronic Acid, or HA for short. 

What to Expect with a Breast Lift

What to Expect with a Breast Lift

Who Am I and Why Am I Qualified to Give You Weight Loss Advice?

Why the Satiating Diet May Be the Healthier Alternative to Keto

Chances are we have all dieted at one point or another during our existence. There is no “one-fits-all” type of diet. 

You Have to Eat

Weight loss has to be a lifestyle change. Diets don’t work!

Your Skincare Consultation

Choosing the right skincare products and treatment strategy can be overwhelming. 

Your Zen Place

I hate the layout of my house! I understand the desire to have an open concept living room/kitchen, but then I am always sitting in the kitchen.

2020 New Years Blog

2020 New Years Blog - SHarper Plastic Surgery.