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New Alternative to Botox

The FDA recently approved an exciting alternative to neuromodulators such as Botox and Xeomin called Daxxify. What sets Daxxify in Indianapolis apart from other neuromodulators is its ability to offer treatment for deep lines and wrinkles in a longer-lasting way. Daxxify is now the first and only FDA-approved wrinkle treatment that is powered by peptides.

After Daxxify injection, results can be seen in as few as 3 days! In their clinical trials 50 percent of patients still had results at 6 months and 20 percent still had results at 9 months.
SHarper Surgery is excited to be one of the first in Indiana to offer this exciting new option for fine lines and wrinkles!

Daxxify in Indianapolis

What to Expect

Daxxify is administered just like Botox, with injections into targeted areas. The only real difference that you will notice is that Daxxify lasts significantly longer than Botox.

How Daxxify Works

The main way that Daxxify works to reduce or eliminate deep wrinkles is by limiting the activity of underlying facial muscles. These types of wrinkles are known as “dynamic wrinkles.” They typically form or intensify when you make certain facial muscle movements like frowning or squinting.

In addition to its ability to reduce facial muscle movement in targeted areas, Daxxify in Indianapolis is manufactured using something called “peptide exchange technology.”

This technology helps to stabilize the injected product so that it lasts at least six months, meaning that you will not need as many appointments to maintain your results.

Although Daxxify is currently only approved for the treatment of frown lines, approval is likely coming for other parts of the face like crow’s feet, the chin and jawline. Other similar products are also used in an off-label manner.

Daxxify FAQs:

Is Daxxify effective on all skin types?

Yes. Daxxify is backed by over 20 years of clinical research. A recent study involved more than 2,400 participants, making it the largest-ever phase 3 clinical trial of its type. There was no difference in how patients of different skin types responded to treatment with Daxxify.

When will I notice results?

You should begin noticing results in as little as one day after your injections, with optimal results evident in about 14 days.

Would I qualify for treatment with Daxxify?

Most patients will qualify!
You need to be off blood thinners for two weeks prior to Daxxify in Indianapolis.
If you are unable to stop your blood thinners you will need to speak with the physician injector prior to treatment.

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