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Your Skincare Consultation

Clear skin

Choosing the right skincare products and treatment strategy can be overwhelming. No matter where we turn, we run into an aisle full of products to choose from, a neighbor who is now a skin expert and we MUST try their new skincare, a late night infomercial that makes promises we really hope they can deliver on.

So why choose Sharper Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for your skincare? Well, we’re experts. I’ve been a licensed medical aesthetician for over a decade. Dr. Harper is a board-certified plastic surgeon. You can expect expert advice, medical-grade skincare and the latest technology.

Dr. Harper and I have worked together for awhile now, and I follow his approach to a T. You see, Dr. Harper wants every patient in his practice to receive an individualized approach.  Because I know skin isn’t one size fits all, I love the initial consultation with my patients.

During a consultation, we discuss health, medications, current skincare and what you love and want improved about your skin. At this point during our session, we come up with a customized treatment plan. We discuss how often and when to use the skincare we recommend, what in-office treatments would be beneficial (we offer
chemical peels,
laser treatments,
and more!), how much each treatment costs and how often you should/can come.

At the end of a consultation at Sharper Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, you should feel confident that you’ve chosen the right office. So whether you’re concerned with breakouts, fine lines, love handles or under-eye bags, we have a treatment for you! Schedule your free skincare consultation with me by clicking here
or calling our office at

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