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What to Expect with a Breast Lift

woman after a breast lift

Need a Lift? We’ve Got You!

After two kids, weight gain and loss, and some genetic factors, at the ripe age of 32 I opted for a breast augmentation. After meeting with
Dr. Harper,
he determined that I was a candidate for breast implants, but would also need a breast lift. We discussed my anatomy and the look I was going for, and he determined the size of my implants based on these factors.

As a busy working mom, I didn’t have much time for downtime, but who does? I opted to have my procedure done the Friday before Labor Day and return to work the following Wednesday. My husband took that Friday afternoon off and took me for my surgery. The last thing I remember was Dr. Harper reassuring me that everything was going to be great. I then remember waking up to my husband taking me to get chicken noodle soup post-procedure.

I slept quite a bit that Friday and into Saturday, and woke up a bit sore. We purchased extra pillows and surgical bras ahead of time so I would have what I needed. I returned to work the following Wednesday, and while I couldn’t lift at work or my daughter for about 6 weeks after my surgery, I didn’t feel limited.

Another concern I had prior to surgery was how my scar would look. I figured I would need a lift, but wasn’t sure to how to feel about the anchor lift. I have been pleasantly surprised. As the steri-strips came off, my scar has faded from red to a lighter pink. Dr. Harper gave me a
scar gel to use
and I have massaged my scars to help improve their appearance.

I am now two months post procedure and am so happy with my results. Clothes fit better, I feel more confident and it has encouraged me to be more active as I want to take care of body and investment. If you are looking for a talented and kind surgeon, look no further than Dr. Stanley Harper. You can schedule a free cosmetic consultation with him by clicking
or calling our office at
317.593.4611. You’ll be glad you did.

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