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How Eating Clean Can Positively Impact Your Skin

Clean skin

The first time it occurred to me that food could impact my skin was in my teenage years. I remember experiencing my first breakouts and hearing that greasy foods could lead to acne. While this myth has been busted, there is some truth to the link between eating clean (aka limiting or eliminating processed foods) and having clearer skin.

Whenever a new patient comes into the medical spa, our licensed medical estheticians perform a skincare/treatment consultation. As one of said estheticians, it is my job to assess the patient’s skin, discuss their concerns, ask about what treatments or products they use as well as other lifestyle factors, and put together a treatment plan. During this consultation, we often discuss the patient’s diet. Gaining an understanding of what our patient’s eat can often help us create the best game plan to help them achieve their skincare goals.

Excess Sugars Age Your Skin!

One of the main concerns that our patients discuss is signs of aging in their skin, or preventing those signs of aging from appearing. There are studies that show eating excess sugars can decrease collagen and elastin in the skin. Why is this a big deal? Because collagen and elastin are the support structures in your skin, meaning when they break down, your skin starts to sag, fine lines and wrinkles increase, it is not a good thing!

Does Drinking Enough Water Hydrate the Skin?

I often have patients tell me how dry their skin is, and reassure me that they drink plenty of water. While it is incredibly important to stay hydrated, that will not fix dry skin!

Sure, drinking water is a must for your skin. Our bodies crave water for good reason, it helps our brains, kidneys, muscles and digestive system all work as efficiently as possible. Dehydration can make our skin look less glowy or plump than it previously did. However, drinking water is not the only way to help your skin’s hydration levels. The right skincare (such as an exfoliator and moisturizer) is another key to achieving glowing, hydrated skin.

Does Greasy Food Cause Breakouts?

As mentioned above, this myth has been busted. Years ago, dermatologists and skin professionals linked acne with foods such as pizza, chocolate and other junk foods. In recent years, studies have shown that carbohydrates are likely the cause of breakouts.

In the past, Dr. Harper has recommended time and time again to limit processed foods and to up your water intake. Making these changes to your lifestyle will not only help you in your pursuit of healthy, sustainable weight loss, but they will improve your skin. Sounds like a win-win to me!





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