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Weight Loss Tips From Dr. Jaime Harper

Start Your Weight Loss Journey

By May 28, 2019December 19th, 2019No Comments

starting your weight loss journey

It’s finally summer in the Midwest, and I am sitting on the back porch marveling at how free my two-year-old is in his body. He is naked as can be with the garden hose in one hand, and eating apple and chicken meatballs with the other . . . and well, he just peed too. This is what summer should be about—just enjoying the simple things in life. Then I think about tomorrow: it’s opening day at the neighborhood pool. I can feel my stress levels rise—Do I really need to put on a bathing suit? Did my laser hair removal treatments completely work? Will I be judged because I don’t have the perfect body and I am a weight-loss physician who is married to a plastic surgeon? Well, I’m over caring what others think.

I have a normal BMI (body mass index), and that means I am not overweight. It also means that the potential of having a heart attack, stroke, and/or diabetes is reduced, the truly important things. Yes, I have rolls and cellulite and stretch marks, but I am healthy and I love going to the pool. I work hard and respect my body. Sure, there are days where I would like to lose ten pounds, but I can’t stop living my life and enjoying the fun things because I am afraid of what other people think.

The summer is also the perfect time to start a weight-loss journey. Stop thinking It’s too late or I didn’t keep my New Year’s resolution. Think about all the great summer grilling you can do. Have you tried veggies and fruit on the BBQ? What about an after-dinner walk to get that dopamine rising and feeling good? There is medical research that shows you only have to lose 10% of your body weight to reduce your risk of weight-related diseases. You can do that!
The summer also means that I started my weight-loss practice six months ago. My patients have had tremendous success and most of them are down over twenty pounds.

Most of them also still have a ways to go to get their BMI less than 25. For many of us, losing the weight and keeping it off will be a lifelong journey. We can’t use excuses like “it’s summer,” to derail us. Life happens year round and we need to continue the journey toward health and a healthy weight. Stop with the excuses—let’s keep this weight-loss journey going and feel good about ourselves. Let’s set new goals if you haven’t started your journey yet. I am not judging you at the pool. Instead, I’m marveling at how you are out enjoying your best “you” and being healthy in the process. We’ve got this!