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Who Am I and Why Am I Qualified to Give You Weight Loss Advice?

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Hi, I am Dr. Jaime Harper. A working mom of three young children and board-certified obesity medicine doctor who understands how hard it is to lose weight and maintain it as we age. I understand the pressures to be skinny and look a particular way (I am married to a plastic surgeon and taking over his blog!). I also know you must make the changes for yourself and no one else. You need to set realistic goals. I am never going to look like Gwyneth Paltrow no matter how much I read her Goop blog.

Now that you are motivated to make this journey a lifestyle for yourself, the eating is simple. Eat real food! Stay away from processed sugars and carbohydrates. That doesn’t mean Keto—you can still eat fruit, starch vegetables, and beans in some capacity. Shop the periphery of the grocery store—most things in the middle aisles are processed and you don’t need them. You can also eat cake on your birthday and pie on Christmas. If you make the decision on a special occasion to eat the dessert, sit down with a piece and enjoy. Taste each bite and when it is done, be done. Don’t go back into the fridge and eat a corner here and corner there. Pour water on the leftovers so you don’t eat them out of the garbage and move on. Bites, licks, and sips add up to real weight gain.

In my medical practice I use the aid of prescription medication along with weight loss coaching to help individual patients achieve the results they desire. I will be using this blog in the upcoming months to discuss topics such as eating plans, timing of meals, weight loss medication (there is more than just Adipex out there), sleep, hormones, stress, and exercise. I will focus on using evidence-based medical literature to help answer weight loss questions. I hope you will join me for my monthly posts. You can call me to set up a one-on-one consultation. 

The initial weight loss consultation is $300, followed by follow up visits that are $100. I offer a three month package that is $550 and works out to be a $50 savings. Fill out the form below to sign up for your consultation. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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