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Skin Discoloration

how to get rid of dark skin spots

Help! I have dark spots that I want gone. What’s the best option?

Let me start by saying, I HEAR YOU! My freckles used to be cute. They did. People talked about how the light brown spots across my nose and cheeks were just adorable. And then, one day I woke up and those freckles made me look older. Not okay.

So, what are your options for dark spots? It depends what we’re working with. As a licensed medical aesthetician, I will perform a thorough
skincare consultation
prior to your treatment. During that time, we will discuss skincare you are currently using, skincare recommendations, treatment recommendations, etc.

sun damage treatment
we use in-office is great for treating vessels (red, purple or blue veins) as well as freckles and sun/age spots. A laser treatment may feel hot and there may be a snapping sensation at times, but the treatment are generally well tolerated. Right after the treatment, you may look slightly pink or red and may have some swelling. In the days post treatment, dark spots will “pepper” (aka get darker and flake off), or they may fade.

Another option for dark spots is a chemical peel. We have a variety of chemical peels that we offer in-office. Many of them are great for those struggling with traditional sun damage as well as PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from a previous injury to the skin). Chemical peels can also help with overall skin tone, texture and treating and preventing breakouts.

Lastly, we offer medical-grade skincare. The products that we carry can’t just be purchased anywhere. They are skincare products that we have researched and chosen for the results that they provide. Both of the skincare lines that we offer have reward programs where you can earn and redeem points for purchasing products.

Ready to take the plunge and say goodbye to those pesky skin discolorations? Click here to schedule or call the experts at Sharper Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at 317-399-4567!

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