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Navigating the Aesthetics Journey: Expert Insights from a Busy Mom and Aesthetics Physician

Welcome to my very first aesthetics blog post! I’m a 48-year-old mom of three, juggling life as an aesthetics physician, managing a large medspa, and trying not to fail my family! I’m excited to share my thoughts on the aesthetics industry and help you cut through the online noise.

I like to keep things simple. Great skin is key, achieved through regular skincare, refreshing facials, and the occasional deeper treatment like laser sessions, peels, radiofrequency microneedling, and the innovative Skinvive injectable skincare. While Botox and fillers get a lot of attention, let’s not forget that our skin is the true storyteller of time. A little Botox can do wonders for those resting wrinkles. And as we age, a touch of filler in the right spots – lips, cheeks, chin, and temples – can bring back that youthful glow. There are also specialized treatments for specific concerns, but remember, not everyone needs every treatment.

Now, when I scroll through Instagram, I’ve noticed a trend in the aesthetics world. Many practitioners are rocking long hair extensions and bold lash enhancements (guilty as charged on both counts). Then there’s the whole chiseled cheeks, defined jawlines, and plump lips thanks to filler. It’s like a sea of sameness out there, making it hard to tell one injector from the next. But that’s not my vibe. I want you to look like you.

Sure, there are days when I catch a glimpse of my reflection and think, “Who’s that older lady?” I get it – we want to look like ourselves, just a bit softer like we did a decade ago. Personally, I’ve tried out Morpheus8, enjoyed peels, treated myself to glo2facials, and stuck to a solid skincare routine. I’ve also got a bit of Daxxify in my forehead and some cheek filler. Do I look like me? Absolutely, just not necessarily the 48-year-old me.

When you’re thinking about aesthetic treatments, you don’t need to be well-versed in social media procedures. Just know the area you want to tweak, and let’s work from there. I hope this blog becomes your go-to guide, helping you understand each treatment so you can dive into the world of aesthetics without a hint of intimidation. Most of us who try out these treatments still look like ourselves, and our friends. They might not know exactly what we’ve done, but they sure know we’re looking fabulous!

So, there you have it! Stick around for more fun and informative posts where we discuss the wonderful world of aesthetics. We’ll keep it real and relatable while exploring ways to help you feel your best. Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

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