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My skincare regimen in 4 steps- I am breaking the “rules”!

So, a few things about me before I delve into my skincare regimen. I am not a product junky! The simpler the better. I know skincare is the key to making myself look and feel good but who’s got time for complexities? I have also used the same product regimen for about 10 years until recently. They weren’t kidding when they said everything gets dry with menopause. I mean I was prepared for some things…. but not the dullness and dehydration of my skin which was leaving me looking old!

I am going to admit it here…. I don’t wash my face (gasp!). I don’t really wear makeup and I find everything dries out my skin so I just stopped. Once or twice a week I will use the ZO exfoliating polish because I love the way it smells and makes my skin feel. It’s like a spa in a bottle, the smell is amazing and the exfoliation is amazing.

Step 1 for me is TNS essential serum as I have used it every day for over 10 years. As a doctor, I love the idea that this product has tons of scientific data to back up its use. This is the product that is making my skin age well. If I could only use one product it would be this. While it’s an investment product you can use your Alle points on it and remember monthly members of any membership get 10% off and 15% when you repurchase.

I don’t use retinol. Yes, the SHarper aestheticians are aghast at this. My skin tends to be sensitive and even with the 0.25 retinol I felt I was always red and flaky. I would, however, advise a Retinol product for those who only want to commit to one medical-grade product as the price point is nice and it does work.

Step 2 of my regiment is SkinCeuticals CE Feurilic. This was one of the products my peri-menopausal skin really needed to help brighten my complexion.

Step 3 is the last step of my morning regimen. I use ZO Illuminating AOX. This is a newer product for me. It’s a thin moisturizer that gives you great-looking skin. As I am a creature of habit, my aestheticians recently got me to try this product and I am obsessed.

Don’t worry I didn’t give up my beloved SkinCeuticals triple lipid moisturizer. It is step 4 of my skincare routine. I moved it to the evening. It is the only step in my evening routine. I am a wife, and mom to three kids, and have a full-time job. I don’t think wine counts as part of my evening skincare routine so triple lipid is all I can find the energy for.

As I own SHarper I do have a few other skincare products in my cabinet. These I consider specialty products that I buy a few times a year but don’t routinely use. I have my vacation pack which includes ZO Spf for sunscreen. Phyto Corrective mask I use in the evening if I have any sun exposure. I don’t wipe it off. I let it absorb into my skin overnight. I probably use more of the phyto corrective mist than I should admit. It’s a great refresher, especially on vacation but I have discovered my kids love it and take it from my bathroom several times a week and use it.

As I mentioned above I am not a big makeup wearer but my skin is always dry and absorbs makeup. I find using the AGE eye cream as an underlayer to my undereye and lid area helps my makeup stay on longer. I probably use about one jar every year, it goes a long way.

As you can see, skincare doesn’t have to be difficult. Find 2 or three products that you love and stick with them to really see improvement in your skincare. You will also find that everything I use is medical grade. It does make a difference and the cost is about the same as what you are going to find at a beauty counter. Rodan and Fields are probably less expensive than the stuff in the department stores or what your favorite celebrity is using.

As always, aesthetic consultations at SHarper are free so feel free to sit down with us and we can discuss your skincare. We can go through what you are currently using, no need to waste the skincare you already own, fill the gaps in your current regimen, and answer any questions you have.

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