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3 treatments to help you look 10 years younger

Treatments to Help You Look 10 Years Younger


Looking for a treatment that will help you look less angry, more youthful and less tired? Many of our patients tell us that Botox is a great way to address all of these things! Botox is such a versatile treatment, we have patients as young as 22 utilizing it to prevent fine lines, and patients in their 70’s utilizing it to smooth fine lines and wrinkles!

While it is FDA approved for the forehead and crow’s feet, we have some patients that use it in their neck lines or “smoker or straw lines” around their mouth. In many instances, we need to combine Botox with fillers to address the full face. Our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Harper or nurse injector can help figure out the best Botox treatment plan for you.

Lash Extensions

For those seeking an “eye lift” without surgery or injectables, eyelash extensions are a great option! Eyelash extensions will not reduce excessive skin on the lids or arch the brows, but it will open up the eye area with longer, fuller, darker lashes. Extensions are applied to each individual lash, and shed naturally as your lashes shed. Most of our patients receive fills every 2-3 weeks. For those patients that want the look of longer, fuller lashes without the maintenance of lash extensions, we do offer a medical grade product called Latisse. For more information about your best treatment plan for lashes, schedule a consultation with our medical aestheticians.

Sun Damage Laser treatments

Dark spots and freckles can make anyone look years older than they actually are. Whether you have a few dark spots that bother you, melasma or freckles, we can formulate a treatment plan to help you achieve a clearer complexion. We typically see best results when we combine sun damage laser treatments with chemical peels and medical grade skincare. As with every treatment here at SHarper Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we will customize a plan to each individuals needs.

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