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Breast Augmentation

Post-Operative Instructions
  1. You will be sent home in a sports/athletic bra which must be worn continuously for 6 weeks, except while bathing. After the first month, you may wear a bra in the style of your choice as long as it is giving some good support.
  2. During the initial post-op recovery period, it is critical to practice thorough handwashing to assist in keeping the incision areas clean. This is done to decrease the risk of infection.
  3. Initially dry gauze will be covering the incision. This may be removed for showering. If drainage is noted a dressing may be applied.
  4. You should shower 24 hrs. after surgery, gently wash and lather surgical incisions and rinse. Do not submerge breasts in water for 6 weeks; this includes swimming pools, hot tubs, etc. You may gently wash the steri strips area, pat dry.
  5. Please leave steri-strips on incisions as long as possible to prevent the scar from widening. Eventually they will come off by themselves. Gently drying the steri-strips with a blow dryer set on a cool setting and using your hand to check the temperature of the air striking the wound area is helpful.
  6. Expect significant soreness for 3 to 5 days after surgery. This will gradually improve.
  7. Avoid heavy lifting over 10 pounds for 6 weeks after surgery.
  8. You may drive after surgery when not taking narcotic pain medication and you are comfortable with movement.
  9. If you develop increased redness, warmth, or swelling call our office and have your pharmacy number and date of birth ready.
  10. Ice packs may be used on the sides or underneath breasts for 1 to 2 days after surgery to provide additional comfort. Bags of frozen peas or corn work well for this purpose.
  11. The sutures used are absorbable. The knots at the end of incisions will be clipped during a post-op visit.
  12. Resumption of sexual activity is dictated by one’s physical comfort level. Contact of the surgical area with oral secretion or body fluids is not recommended until all areas are well healed.

If you have any questions that our office has not covered, please call us.

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