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Lashes & Brows

At SHarper Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Indianapolis, we understand the power of captivating lashes and beautifully shaped brows. With our certified lash technicians, who are also licensed aestheticians, and the use of Lashbox LA lash extensions, we provide customized treatments that accentuate your eyes and create an attention-grabbing look.

Lash Extensions

Enhance your natural beauty with our luxurious lash extensions at SHarper. Lash extensions are meticulously applied synthetic fibers attached to individual lashes, creating a fuller and longer appearance. Enjoy the convenience of waking up to effortlessly glamorous lashes that require minimal maintenance and offer stunning, long-lasting effects.

The Process

Our skilled lash technicians follow a precise process to apply lash extensions. A consultation helps determine your desired look and lash type. During the application, you’ll lay comfortably with closed eyes as Lashbox LA lash extensions are delicately attached to your natural lashes using a specialized adhesive. This meticulous technique ensures a seamless and secure bond. The process is relaxing and painless, allowing you to emerge with gorgeous, fluttery lashes that beautifully enhance your eyes.

The Benefits:

  • Enhanced length and volume
  • Natural-looking results
  • Saves time on daily makeup routine
  • Water-resistant and long-lasting
  • No need for mascara
  • Customizable to achieve desired look

Types of Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions offer a natural and elegant look. With this technique, one individual lash extension is applied to each of your natural lashes. The result is enhanced length and some added volume, giving your lashes a subtle yet defined appearance. Classic lash extensions are perfect for those seeking a more natural and everyday look.

Hybrid sets achieve a stunning result that is more dramatic than Classic but not as full as a pure Volume set. This popular choice allows for a customized application tailored to your natural eye shape and desired look. Whether you seek a subtle enhancement or a bolder statement, Hybrid lashes offer the best of both worlds, delivering a captivating and eye-catching appearance.

Volume lash extensions are designed to provide the ultimate level of fullness and drama. This technique involves applying 2-7 ultra-lightweight lash extensions to a single natural lash, resulting in a voluminous and fluffy set of lashes. Ideal for individuals with sparse natural lashes, Volume lashes work wonders in enhancing the volume and thickness of your existing lashes.

Mega Volume
Mega Volume lash extensions take lash thickness and fullness to the next level. With the application of 8-16 ultra-lightweight extensions to a single natural lash, the result is an incredibly dense and voluminous set of lashes. These lashes are even lighter than Volume lashes, ensuring a comfortable and weightless feel. Mega Volume offers a truly dramatic look.

Wet lash extensions are a glamorous choice for those who crave a bold and dramatic look. This technique involves applying multiple ultra-lightweight lash extensions in a fan-like shape to a single natural lash. The result is incredible volume, fullness, and a feathery, fluffy effect that adds intensity and depth to your eyes.

Lash Lifts/Tints

Experience the transformative effects of lash lifts and tints at SHarper. Lash lifts elevate your natural lashes, creating a stunning curled effect that lasts for weeks. Complementing this, lash tints add a dark and defined color, eliminating the need for mascara. These procedures enhance your lashes, providing a low-maintenance solution for effortlessly beautiful eyes.

The Process

Our skilled technicians perform lash lifts and tints with utmost precision. The process begins with a gentle perming solution applied to the base of your lashes, which lifts and curls them upwards. Afterward, a specialized tint is carefully applied to darken and define the lashes. These steps are performed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring stunning results that last for several weeks, giving you beautifully lifted and tinted lashes without daily maintenance.

The Benefits:

  • Creates a lifted and curled lash appearance
  • Enhances the natural beauty of your lashes
  • Eliminates the need for daily curling
  • Darkens and defines lashes without mascara
  • Low-maintenance solution for long-lasting results
  • Suitable for individuals with straight or downward-pointing lashes
  • Opens up and accentuates the eyes

Brow Tints

Achieve perfectly defined and fuller-looking brows with our brow tints at SHarper. Brow tints involve applying a semi-permanent dye to the eyebrow hairs, enhancing their color and shape. This process helps to fill in sparse areas, create more definition, and achieve a polished look. Brow tints can enhance your brows and simplify your daily makeup routine.

The Process

Our skilled aestheticians perform brow tints with the utmost precision. The process involves applying a specialized semi-permanent dye to the eyebrow hairs. The dye is carefully chosen to match your desired shade and natural hair color, creating a fuller and more defined appearance. The dye is left on for a short duration, allowing it to penetrate the hairs and achieve the desired tint. Afterward, the excess dye is removed, leaving you with beautifully tinted brows for weeks.

The Benefits:

  • Enhances the natural color and shape of the eyebrows
  • Creates the illusion of fuller, more defined brows
  • Reduces the need for daily brow makeup application
  • Provides a polished and groomed look
  • Semi-permanent results that last for weeks
  • Suitable for individuals with light or sparse eyebrows
  • Saves time in the daily beauty routine
  • Enhances facial symmetry and frames the eyes


Achieve Perfectly Shaped Lashes & Brows

SHarper Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Indianapolis is your destination for achieving perfectly shaped lashes and brows. Our team of certified lash technicians and aestheticians are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty. Whether you desire voluminous lash extensions, lifted and tinted lashes, or defined and fuller-looking brows, we have the expertise and high-quality products to deliver exceptional results. Schedule a consultation, and let us create a treatment plan tailored to your unique preferences and features.


Classic Lash Set
$160 for full set, $75 for fill
$140 month for membership (includes 2 visits per month)

Hybrid Lash Set
$210 for full set, $100 for fill
$180 month for membership (includes 2 visits per month)

Wet Lash Set
$210 for full set, $100 for fill
$180 month for membership (includes 2 visits per month)

Volume or Mega Volume Set
$299 for full set, $125 for fill
$225 month for membership (includes 2 visits per month)

Lash lift & tint | $130


All lash memberships include 2 visits per month

Classic Lashes | $140/month
Hybrid Lashes | $180/month
Wet Lash Set | $180/month
Volume or Mega Volume Set | $225/month

Memberships also include:

-10% off all treatments and products, excluding surgery or body contouring
-$100 credit towards neuromodulators after every fourth membership month
-One complimentary visit to salt lounge each month

Sign up for multiple memberships and save 10% off the least expensive membership plan.

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