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Weight Loss Book Reviews

Recommended Reading:

I am sharing various books, websites, and podcasts I follow. Most of these have similar themes to those that I follow in my life and will help guide you in great direction toward a healthy lifestyle.

GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE by Rachel Hollis

Girl, Wash Your Face is a motivational book reminding women we do not have to have all aspects of our lives together. No one is perfect. We need to continue to find our own paths and do our best. This is an easy read before bed to keep you motivated on your own path. I also enjoy her podcast Rise where she addresses everyday topics such as relationships and how to gain control of your business and money.

THERE ARE NO GROWN-UPS by Pamela Druckerman

There Are No Grown-ups is a fast and easy read that is hilarious. It helped me feel better about turning 40! It reminds us that our bodies change as we age and sometimes we need to accept that. The chapter on “our arms as we age” is my favorite. It may have caused me to buck the trend and CoolSculpt my arms so I do not need to wear blazers all the time. On a random note, does anyone else notice that the Real Housewives of Orange County always wear blazers? Maybe they figured it out!

THE OBESITY CODE by Pamela Druckerman

The Obesity Code is one of the most influential diet books of our time. It is a must-read for anyone setting off on a weight-loss journey involving a low-carbohydrate diet and introduces intermittent fasting. It is the first book I recommend all my patients. Dr. Fung does a great job of citing why this method of eating works without making the book too scientific and difficult to read.


The Complete Guide to Fasting is Dr. Fung’s follow-up book to The Obesity Code. This is another easy read. I like this book because it has chapters written by Dr. Fung, who is a physician, mixed with bloggers and other weight-loss advocates who share their real-life stories. This book is a great read if your weight-loss journey starts to stall and we are looking to get you past the dreaded plateau state.


Why We Get Fat and What to Do about It, puts together a thorough and compelling picture of why the current obesity epidemic is occurring. This book is a little more in-depth and research-heavy than the other books I have recommended. However, if you have any doubt about a lower carbohydrate lifestyle, this book is a must-read.

THE FOOD THERAPIST by Shira Lenchewski

I was a little hesitant at first to recommend The Food Therapist because Shira Lenchewski is one of the main registered dieticians for the Goop website and, as a physician, I find some of their publications to be questionable. However, this book will get you thinking about why you eat—the emotional aspect to eating. This book addresses some of the very important aspects of the lifestyle change needed to become a healthier you. While I recommend the book, I do not recommend the recipes. I made several of the snacks and neither myself nor my family would eat them. It just goes back to my point of eating real food, not recipes made from multiple food products you have never heard of.


America’s Bitter Pill is a book I recommend to all of my patients. While it does not have any specific ties to weight loss, it is my favorite book describing the current state of our healthcare system. I think we are all frustrated with our doctors and the state of healthcare. I constantly read on Facebook, Instagram, and blogs negative things about physicians and how we have no time to listen to our patients. Trust me we want to listen! This book address the back room talks that happen around Washington and why we have the current fragmented healthcare system.


Diet Doctor is a great resource for recipes, informational videos, and blogs. The podcast episode 7 with Megan Ramos is a must-listen before starting intermittent fasting. She runs the fasting program with Dr. Fung and uses these podcasts to address some of the myths and misconceptions regarding fasting.


Weight Loss for Busy Physicians is what I look forward to on Tuesday mornings. While the target audience for this podcast is physicians, you do not need to be a doctor to benefit from her. Dr. Ubell goes into depth on how to balance life, family, work, and yourself to become the best you.

THAT SUGAR FILM starring Damon Gameau

That Sugar Film on Amazon Prime is a must-see. In this documentary Mr. Gameau investigates what would happen to his body if he started to eat foods that were full of hidden sugars. We are talking yogurt, not candy bars. This movie highlights how much unnecessary sugars we are consuming. It is also backed by data by leading scientists including Dr. Gary Taubes. It will make you read the label and look at the sugar content in everything you eat!

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