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Weight Loss Pricing

Initial Consultation 1 hour $300

Dr. Harper will perform an in-depth consultation to discuss your medical history, perform a physical examination, and determine your best weight-loss plan. If prescription medications are to be used, she will determine which medication will fit best with your goals while taking into consideration any other medical conditions you may have. At this meeting you will have a body composition analysis performed and we will set your weight-loss goals.

Follow-Up Visit 20 minutes $100

During your follow-up visits, you and Dr. Harper will evaluate your weight-loss journey. Many of the weight-loss medications prescribed do require dose adjustments. Initially we will meet every two weeks, then monthly. These visits will also be a time to discuss diet and any other barriers to weight loss you are experiencing.

Three-month Package – $550 ($50 savings)

This package includes the one-hour initial session and the first three follow-up sessions.

Payment Details: 

We accept cash, check, credit card, your health savings account (HSA) card or Carecredit, a “medical credit card” that is 6 months no interest.

A credit card is required in order to reserve an appointment with Dr. Jaime Harper. There is a $50 fee if you do not show up or cancel your appointment within 24 hours. Otherwise, patients will be expected to pay for their visit in full at the time of their appointment.

Schedule a consultation

Call: 317.399.4567