Dr. Jaime Harper, MD

Obesity Medicine Physician & Master Injector

A Note from Dr. Jaime Harper:

I am a full-time physician and mother of three young children. I understand the demands of your busy life. I also understand what it is like to be overweight and how hard it is to maintain your weight as you age.

It took losing the same 20 pounds at least 5 times until I realized that diets do not work and I needed to make a lifestyle modification. In order to discover what works best for weight loss, I invested hundreds of hours studying the field of weight loss medicine and became board-certified in Obesity Medicine.

After years of working in the ER and seeing the devastating effects obesity has on the body, I decided to shift my focus to help patients treat obesity before they develop such diseases.

I can help you lose weight by combining weight loss medication with coaching on lifestyle changes. Being overweight is a medical condition that is much more complex than calories-in versus calories-out.

We will use prescription medication to help your body realize that it does need all the food you are eating. We will then work together to analyze what and why you are eating and come up with a plan that works best for your lifestyle to help you lose weight.


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