For patients looking to make an improvement to their jawline but would prefer to avoid going under the knife, Facetite is a great option!

The great thing about FaceTite is that it brings visible results almost immediately. With FaceTite, the skin tightens up after the procedure is done giving an instant new look! As new collagen forms, patients will see even more improvement in their facial contours!

What is FaceTite?

Using radiofrequency technology, FaceTite is a bladeless surgical procedure that enhances skin laxity in different areas, including the face, neck, and jawline. It is less invasive and a safe alternative to a traditional facelift with the need for only a few small incisions.

For anyone looking to tighten skin and address sagging areas of the face, neck, and jawline, FaceTite can give a more rejuvenated appearance in as little as a few hours.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

FaceTite is an in-office procedure that is a safe alternative to a traditional facelift. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Harper will go over all the details during the consultation, including a full assessment and what to expect during and after the procedure.

The Facetite procedure will begin with a local anesthetic. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Harper will insert a probe through a tiny incision to heat the underlying tissues to make them tighten up and contract. The RF energy liquifies fat cells and stimulates collagen production. The skin is enveloped with the RF energy which tightens it as it passes. The long tube is placed under the skin while an electrode passes over the skin’s surface.

A FaceTite procedure takes between 30-60 minutes but will take years off one’s face and other areas. There is little to no discomfort or downtime. The FaceTite has built-in safeguards, including real-time measurements of skin and fat temperature and impedance monitoring for the patient’s comfort and safety.


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What Does FaceTite Treat?

Here are some of the areas that one can receive a FaceTite treatment:

  • Brow lines
  • Cheeks
  • Double chins
  • Eyes, including periorbital area
  • Forehead
  • Jawline
  • Jowls
  • Mouth
  • Nasolabial folds around the nose and mouth
  • Neck
  • Other small areas of the body

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Good Candidate for FaceTite?

Patients who have loose or sagging skin on their face and neck, may be a good candidate for a FaceTite treatment, which is safe for all skin types. This procedure works well for anyone who is experiencing signs of aging but does not wish to go through a traditional facelift. Ideal candidates should have mild to moderate skin laxity in their lower face and neck. To learn more about the procedure and determine if you are a candidate, schedule a consultation at 317.399.4567.

What Are the Results of FaceTite?

The results from a FaceTite treatment can last up to five years with good skincare maintenance. Patients see a big improvement in their skin laxity not only right after the procedure but also in the following months. We can also combine FaceTite with other procedures such as injectables or Morpheus8!

Is FaceTite safe?

FaceTite is considered one of the safest facial rejuvenating and skin contouring treatments available and is an FDA cleared treatment. The FaceTite applicator has thermal controls for safety measures and built-in safeguards that measures the skin temperatures. It treats sensitive areas of the skin without causing cellular damage to tissues. Patients can receive natural-looking results without the risks of a more invasive surgery like a traditional facelift.


Overall, the recovery is fairly short given the nature of the procedure and it being minimally invasive. Patients can expect the treated area to be swollen and tender for up to ten days. Redness or a sunburn like sensation may be experienced for a few hours after the procedure as well.

It may be necessary to wear a head or chin garment after the Facetite procedure. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Harper will go through all post care instructions the day of the Facetite procedure.

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