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Relax Your Wrinkles Away With Daxxify

People in the Fishers area expect the very best when it comes to anti-aging treatments, such as injectables for wrinkles. Naturally, this includes the latest technologies and treatments, like Daxxify.

Daxxify in Indianapolis

Daxxify: The New Kid on the Block

You may be familiar with Botox, but do you know about Daxxify? Recently, the FDA approved this exciting Botox alternative that is every bit as effective, but lasts significantly longer. While Botox offers results lasting around three months, Daxxify can give you the same results for up to nine months!

What to Expect

Studies have found that patients treated with Daxxify:

  • Enjoy a 97.5% response rate
  • Have a 96% treatment satisfaction rate
  • Significant forehead lines improvement among 73% of patients

In addition to its ability to offer longer-lasting results than Botox, Daxxify appears to be safer due to its enhanced stability at room temperature, making refrigeration unnecessary.

Also, a blood-derived protein called albumin, which is included with Botox, is not present in Daxxify. This makes an allergic reaction even less likely than the Botox product.

How It Works

Reduce Dynamic Wrinkles

Daxxify works by reducing or eliminating deep wrinkles known as “dynamic wrinkles.” These are the types of wrinkles that your face makes when you form certain facial expressions, such as squinting or frowning.

Another aspect that sets Daxxify apart from Botox is that it is manufactured using peptide exchange technology, which helps stabilize the injected substance so that it lasts significantly longer than Botox. As a result, you’ll find yourself making fewer appointments to maintain your results.

The Treatment Process

Your provider will inject Daxxify in the same way as Botox injections are administered.

Most patients start seeing results in a few days after their treatment. You should begin enjoying optimal results within 14 days after your Daxxify injections.

One important note: As of now, the FDA has only approved Daxxify for treating frown lines. But approval is expected soon for other facial areas, such as the chin, jawline and crow’s feet.

Schedule Your Consultation in Fishers

Are you a resident of the Fishers area who wants to say goodbye to deep wrinkles, such as crows feet and forehead lines? If so, please reach out to your SHarper Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery provider today to schedule your Daxxify consultation.

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