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Breast Reconstruction

    For Women Who Had a Mastectomy, We Can Reconstruct the Breasts

    It’s hard to fathom something more traumatizing than coping with cancer—and breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. But modern medicine is constantly improving, and today there are many treatment paths that are effective for minimizing risk. As it stands, the average survival rate for people with breast cancer is 90%. Unfortunately, treatment often requires a mastectomy—but thanks to the expert plastic surgery techniques employed at SHarper Surgery, it is possible to reconstruct the breasts.

    Understanding The Breast Reconstruction Procedure

    The breast reconstruction procedure aims to return one or both of the breasts to a natural-looking appearance so that the breasts look normal and symmetrical. Breast reconstruction is often called for in cases where a patient has had a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, and it can also be indicated where a patient has suffered from congenital deformities.

    In some cases, breast reconstruction may be necessary due to failed breast implants from earlier improperly done breast augmentation surgery. That is why it is vital to ensure you always see a licensed, trusted plastic surgeon like Dr. Harper — your body is too important to take chances with. When you want it done right, come to SHarper Surgery.

    Breast Reconstruction Techniques

    While there are many techniques for breast reconstruction, this type of plastic surgery generally falls into one of two different categories: implant-based reconstruction, or what is known as “DIEP flap breast reconstruction.”

    In implant-based reconstruction, the breast implants themselves are used to form and shape the mound of the new breast. What is unique about DIEP flap reconstruction is that this procedure utilizes tissue from another part of the patient’s body in the process of forming a new breast.

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