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Payment Plans

Payment Options

At SHarper Plastic Surgery, we accept payments from all the major credit and debit cards:

Sharper plastic surgery payment options

Financing Options


Finance cosmetic surgery and other beauty procedures. Get the look you want now with CareCredit’s convenient monthly payments and promotional financing options.

Welcome to M-Lend Financial, for over 20 years we have offered patient and consumer financing services throughout the country. We’re unique for the industry in that we charge no fees or have discounted payments to the providers. Doctors, clinics, hospitals, treatment facilities, insulation and home improvement companies can participate without sign up or agreement. There is no paperwork or loan contracts to complete and keep on file.

Lending includes 0% APR on our credit cards options (at no additional cost) and low fixed interest installment loans (no 0% APR offered) for various credit ratings up to 84 month terms and $100,000.

With no interest charges for a period of time, this can be a welcome bridge financing vehicle, until other long term debt arrangements can be explored (such as equity lines or asset liquidation) that tend to take more time than the urgency of admission will allow.

The form under application is a brief request for financing. It will provide a quick overview of the applicant’s credit and lending needs. We will send you an email with an application link to the lending option(s) that best fits the information provided.

To submit your initial lending request form, click  HERE

To find out about your financing options, call us today at 317.399.4567. We are glad to help!

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